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Speak Up Sami

A story about standing up and speaking out if someone sees harm done to others.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Author: Shabana Hussein

Illustrator: Mariam Aldacher

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Sami has a hard time fitting in at school. But when a friend called Gamba shows up, and is actually nice to Sami, Sami finally feels like he has a friend. But when others bully Gamba, Sami has to find his voice to speak up for his friend.

This book is a sweet story on doing what’s right, and has a positive anti-bullying message. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the book is eye-catching and vibrant.

I liked that Sami stood up for Gamba, but I did wonder why he didn’t stand up for himself first, and I was also curious at why everyone made fun of Gamba’s hair and glasses, and his being from Zimbabwe. It seemed a bit on the nose due to that.

Regardless, I think kids will enjoy reading this book about speaking up for others and will find a lot to learn about not bullying others.


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