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Spice Road

What an incredible start to an Arab fantasy series- I just truly cannot wait till book 2, this book was utter magic!

Genre: YA Fantasy

Ages: 15 plus

Author: Maiya Ibrahim

Publisher: Penguin Random House/Underlined

TW/Screening- attempted Sexual assault, a few kisses, alcohol, fighting and murder (but honestly nothing overly detailed and I personally found it clean and appropriate for the Age group).

Imani’s brother is missing, presumed dead. But when his horse leads her and her sister to a cave where a djinni tells them what truly happened, Imani embarks on a quest to find out the truth. The problem- tagging along is incredibly hot Taha- her absolute nemesis in everything, and the very troublesome djinni.

Imani has to examine what she knows and what the truth is and decide for herself how to act-in a world where colonization oppresses people who aren’t hers.

Wow, this book was spellbinding and incredible- an arab fantasy that is absolutely perfection. One thing as an Arab that I cannot stand is when Arab culture is not authentic in Arab inspired books- but let me tell u- this book DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I have been waiting for a book like this forever, where Arab culture is intertwined with the very fabric and threads of the story- and it truly was pure magic!

The colonization thread was incredible- it was truly masterfully written to draw empathy and show the wrongful occupation of the Highlanders and I was so happy to see a book address this issue.

Oh and did I mention magic is from a tea called Misra. Everyone that knows Arabs knows tea is our life, so this felt perfectly and utterly appropriate.

I loved the tension and angst as well and the romantic enemies to lovers vibes was right up my alley- and I found it pretty appropriate, nothing too harrowing or abusive in my opinion (lots of conflict and fighting is pretty usual for this genre but it wasn’t gory).

Def check this book out and I personally cannot wait for book 2!!❤️


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