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Spider in a Cave Craft

To make the craft:

The spiders are easy, all you need are four colored chenille stems (pipe cleaners). You lay them next to each other and twist them into the center to make eight legs. Super glue a furry pompom on top of the twisted area, and then super-glue plastic eyes on the pompon. The chenille stems, furry pompoms, and plastic eyes are all easily found in craft-stores.

The cave was made with paper mache, which is a mix of 4 cups of flour and 4 cups of water. Mix until a paste forms and then stick strips of white paper into it and cover a balloon halfway. A tip is to stick the balloon on a piece of cardboard with tape so that it does not wobble. I also used construction paper strips towards the end to make the cave colored from the outside.

Wait 24 hours for it to dry!! this is very important or else it will collapse. Then pop the balloon with a sharp knife and voila! You have a cave for the spider/s to stand in!

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