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Stay At Home Eid Ideas!

This year’s Eid might be different, but its still SUPER important to feel the Eid spirit.⁣

The Prophet (s) encouraged celebrations on this day and stated:⁣

“There is an Eid for every nation and this is our Eid." (Bukhari)⁣

I compiled some FREE ideas for inspiration! Have any more?? Comment below⬇️⁣

1. Dress up!!! Get dressed in your best! It might seem like a lot of effort, but it will brighten up the day and make it special!⁣

2. Have delicious treats, candy, and all the yummy junk! No rules today! Just have fun🎉⁣

3. Baking Contest! Make sweets, and let the kids top it with as much sprinkles and frosting as they want! And pick a winner🎉⁣

4. Chalk! Odds are that you have this around your home! Time to play hopscotch, draw pictures (contest time), and draw lines for a race.⁣

5. DECORATE! Use construction paper, balloons, stickers, string...anything you have at home and let the kids go crazy with ideas! (Paper chains, banners, bunting, etc) ⁣

6. Treasure hunt!!! Hide the Eid gifts (or goody bags)...and plant clues to find them around the house!⁣

7. Play Games- board games, charades, Pictionary, pretend doesn’t matter! As long as you’re having fun!⁣

8. Play Anasheed (@mydeen_magazine has a great vocals only list for those that don’t listen to tunes)⁣

9. Bubbles! You can make your own using 2 tsp soap, 2 tsp sugar, and 1 cup water, and use any kitchen item (graters, straws, spatulas...and even fly swatters work)⁣

10. ZOOM- encourage silat alRahm (ties of kinship) with virtual meetings of all the family you miss! ⁣

11. Crafts/color- I did these in Ramadan! But there’s something about doing them while eating that makes them more fun😅⁣

12. Set up a safe distancing Eid card/gift exchange with friends! ⁣(printable Eid cards on my website)

13. Set up a car parade! Decorate your cars, blast the anasheed, dress up, and wave to each other! (@waafiala has printable Eid flags!) Someone can even hand out goodies for the kids! (Safely!)⁣

14. Most importantly- Say the Eid Takbeerat! Dhikr of Allah on this day is a must and will bring peace and joy to every heart💕

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