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Stuck in the Middle

⭐️⭐️For sure one of our FAVORITES!

Ages: 8-12⠀

Islamic screening: completely clean ⠀

This middle grade chapter book written by@hussein.sumayyahrevolves around Salma and her relationship with her brother Ismail. ⠀

I picked up this chapter book and started reading, and I just couldn’t stop! I kept reading until I finished it in one sitting; that’s how good and engaging it was! My 9 year old son loved reading it and it was an easy and light read for him as well!

⭐️Salma is a middle child among five children and she is really tired of her brother Ismail’s antics. Food is a precious commodity in their home (as it always is in big households😂) And after he steals a candy bar from her drawers, and takes her carrot cake from her hiding place...she snaps!⠀

She destroys his PlayStation controller, and ignores him at school when he seems to be getting bullied. When he gets hurt and taken to the hospital, she starts to feel guilty for what happened and it makes her completely break down.

With advice from her friend and after a confession to her mom, Salma decides to make things right (according to⠀

The hadith “Follow a bad deed with a good one to erase it...”).⠀

She buys her brother a controller from her own money and apologizes to him for what she did. Her brother, in turn, surprises her with a candy bar❤️⠀

⭐️I love the themes present in this book- about kids’ human emotions, sibling rivalry, yummy candy references (which made me hungry), modern-day movie/game references that are very relatable to the middle grade age, and overall just a Muslim kid doing normal everyday things! Islamic lessons are also present throughout, of always doing the right thing and the proper way to practice repentance after making a mistake. This is very valuable to teach to this age group!

I love how Salma isn’t perfect and she has real flaws that she works on correcting. This makes her feel real to the reader.

I love that the book shows the main character as a practicing Muslim, which is so refreshing to see, especially in a middle grade book!!!

⭐️A definite MUST HAVE! We need more books like this!!⠀


Get yours from @ruqayas.bookshelf


price: 13 CAD

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