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SubhanAllah You

Genre: CUSTOMIZED picture book⠀

Ages: all kids ages 0-10 (its a baby milestone book, so perfect as a keepsake)⠀

Available: @wishuponmystory

When @wishuponmystory reached out about their new book, I was so excited! It specializes as a baby gift book (but can be used for all ages) and I was excited to customize it for our newest baby girl.⠀

The Book is beautifully made, with high quality glossy pages and beautiful illustrations! It starts with a letter from the parents and follows as a baby is born and grows up to do so many of the silly cute things muslim kids do (like joining their parents in prayer).⠀

I love how dhikr and Islam is such a big part of this book, with the baby’s arrival being connected so tightly with the Islamic concept of Allah creating us all. The baby has the Adhan done for her at birth, a aqeeqah performed for family and friends, and she is raised going to the masjid and being mindful of Allah❤️⠀

The book is full of so many emotional milestones of children and you can feel the love through the pages! It is quite a beautiful read, and I am sure it will be treasured by kids and kept as a memory book forever inshaAllah.⠀

I have to say, my absolute favorite part is the page where my baby girls name is explained to her. We named her Ameera Khadija, and the page relates the full meaning in my own words and who she is named after! I hope my girl grows up to be a true princess of wonderful character like her great aunt and grandmother, and a strong Muslimah like the original Queen Khadija (RA)! I love that names are explained, as many times children don’t know the meaning of their own names.

I can see this book being given as a gift to new mothers, as well as a cute Ramadan/Eid gift for kids to see how much their parents love them!⠀

This book is such a treasure and I hope my baby girl grows up and shows it to her own children someday inshaAllah❤️


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