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Super You: The Power of Flight

Not a Muslim book or one with Muslim characters but a pick-your-own adventure superhero book by a Muslimah author!

Genre: MG chapter book (with doodles/drawings)

Ages: 8-12

Available: amazon preorder- releases in May!

Screening: Dr.Zeuss is mentioned to be named after a greek god. Nothing unclean

YOU, dear reader, are the main character of the book. You are on a science trip with your class and partnered with Alex, when she suddenly goes into a secret room to look at a strange bird. When the bird scratches you both, you leave…but after a fever and sleep, you wake up with powers. The power of FLIGHT.

With the power of flying, you have lots of decisions to make- will you choose good, evil, riches, or crime? So many decisions, so many endings, and honestly…so much FUN to just muddle through!

I counted over 35 different endings!! The book truly twists and turns so much and there are so many decisions to make that keep the reading fun and engaging. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the book teaches any moral lessons, and although the good endings did seem to be the result of good choices, the book did have some unexpected bad results from good intentions at times.

Overall, such a fun read and very engaging for young readers who like superheroes. Super clean, no Islam or any religious content in the book, but a super entertaining book by @henakhanbooks ❤️

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