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Surah Al-Nas

A new board book release as a kid’s tafseer of Surah al-Nas.

Genre:Board Book

Ages: 0-3


Screening: the fire representing Jinn in one of the pages

This Board book is a mini little tafseer/Quran book of Surah AlNas. On each page is an ayah of the Surah in Arabic, translated to English on the other side, and a picture of a word of the ayah on top of the lift a flap, with the word underneath being the definition.

The lift a flaps were a cute concept and my toddler loves this style of books, as it becomes an interactive learning tool. I appreciated the Intention of the book in teaching Surah Al-Nas to toddlers and offering a simple tafseer in the terms and way of lift a flaps.

However, the last page providing the picture of fire being defined as Jinn seemed incorrect, especially since the family was doing a bonfire with marshmallows next to it with that same fire.

I loved the style of the book and the lift a flaps and we do need more board books for our littles. I just find books about Quran tafseer in images are hard to do, and recommend a different topic/style maybe in the future, inshaAllah.

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