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Tales of Mini Maryam

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Price: £11.99


This book is a cute collection of six short stories about a mischievous and adorable little girl called mini Maryam.⠀

The book is hardcover and the illustrations are beautiful and vibrant to look at.⠀

The stories are 6 didactic tales revolving around 6 Islamic themes/phrases. Included are teaching Bismillah before eating, Hasbi Allah if something bad happens, The duaa of leaving the house, a story about Hajj, saying Alhamdulilah after sneezing, and praying as a family.⠀

I did find the stories a little random and a little too simple. I didn’t really see a theme of the book besides just following the stories of mini Maryam who didn’t really do anything that was unique compared to other kids.⠀

While the book is cute and the intention is good, I do feel like the book might be further improved by adding more action and suspense next time and maybe by making all of the stories flow in one theme.⠀

However, it is cute, and for little ones, they will enjoy the pictures and Maryam’s cuteness.⠀

Check it out!

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