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Tea Time

Whatever you call it, tea/chai/shaye , this warm drink has the power to bring so many people together no matter their background❤️❤️

Genre: Advanced Picture Book

Ages: 6-9

Available: Amazon

Tea is a drink made in different ways all over the world. It can be green or red, sweet or spicy, liquid or stretchy…and always beloved by the people drinking it! Different countries make it in different ways and the book goes over each country and what makes their tea unique. Areas around the world represented with their tea are Morocco and its mint tea, India and masala chai, Tibet and butter tea, Thai and iced sweet tea, Indigenous North American culture and berry tea, West Africa/Sudan and karkade, Japan and Matcha, Russia and Zavarka, the English and afternoon tea, Malaysia and Teh Tarik, Pakistan and pink chai, Iran and Samovar, Hong Kong and silk stocking tea, China and gongfu tea, Taiwan and bubble tea, Argentina/Chile/Uruguay and Mate, the Caribbean and hibiscus tea, and Jamaica and sorrel tea.

So many cultures and colors and places represented, even a few hijabs, and it just warmed my heart like a cup of tea!!

The authors note actually includes a story of how she was in Singapore during Ramadan and a Muslim family invited her to break fast with them with Teh Tarik, and how the tea inspired beautiful discussions between people of different backgrounds.

Such a gorgeous and useful book and one representing diversity in the world in such a unique way❤️

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