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Teta's Thoub

Such a beautiful story about Palestinian culture and the tradition of the Thoub!

Genre: Picture book⁠

Ages: 4-6⁠

Available: amazon- my page, link in bio

Screening: mentions birthdays⁠

What an adorable story by @fatinwrites about Palestinian culture as well as the importance of grandmothers.⁠

The protagonist is a cute little girl who loves her grandmother, mentioning that she is her favorite person who loves to feed her. (How relatable)⁠

She mentions her dress, or thoub, as being gorgeous and the standard dress Teta wears. Through cute lyrical rhymes (although not always perfect rhyming), the story quite successfully shows the importance of the thoub and Palestinian culture and why it is so important in the little girl’s life.⁠

Tete holds the little girl and talks about how the thoub is made by hand and weaved, each pattern telling a story, and each pattern and style giving a clue to the ones who see it about where the wearer is from (which city). I love this little tidbit of Palestinian culture.⁠

The grandmother explains that the thoub is worn to special events and is super important, and then gifts a little thoub to the girl. ⁠

There are pictures of the Palestinian flag, the dome of the rock masjid, pomegranates and olives, as well as cute illustrations of Palestine, traditional clothing and the traditional tatreez, and yummy grape leaves.

An adorable cute paperback book on Palestinian culture.

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