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The Adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria

Updated: May 12, 2022

I already knew that I was going to love this book before I even read it, because it is about Syria, my second home where I used to spend my summers before the war.

The moment I picked up this book and looked at the cover, I felt my heart move and a feeling of homesickness hit me. I instantly recognized the scene as a view from the top of Jabal Qasioun, a mountain in the heart of Damascus, Syria, where our family used to spend some nights there watching the city below: looking at the green minarets and the city lights, feeling an indescribable sense of peace. I remembered visiting Hama and Palmyra, and how beautiful it was. My heart hurts every time I think about the fact that I haven’t seen my extended family in 10 years, and I am not sure if my kids will ever know Syria.

This book is perfect for connecting my children to Syria. Laila and Ahmad (the grandchildren of Ibn Batuta, the great traveler), find a travel journal written by their grandfather. In it they find a clue leading them on an adventure, taking them inside the book! It takes them to Syria, where they go from city to city collecting clues. Each city is described by its beautiful characteristics, and lovely pictures showcase each site. They return home in the end, having learned and gained more confidence in themselves! I cant wait to read more stories of their adventures!

One of my favorite pictures was of the Umayyad Mosque, deep in the heart of Souq Al-Hamidiyah in Damascus. A trip to Syria is not complete without a visit to this beautiful Masjid. This book is perfect for reminding me to tell my kids my own memories of Syria. The pictures and the adventure make it exciting for them and teach them history and geography at the same time. I love the mosaic furniture everywhere in the book and on the inside covers, it is a beautiful reminder of Syrian architecture.

I look forward to more stories by Beauty Beneath the Rubble ! From architecture to history to art, this is the perfect book teaching kids about other countries.

May Allah bring peace to Syria and the whole World.

Buy from Beauty Beneath the Rubble website for 29.99 usd.


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