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The Adventures of Nuh's Ark

Once again, I am blown away by how wonderful these @lunar_learners books are. This is one of three, and they are all super high quality, and fun to read and look at. This just might be my favorite though!⠀

This one is about Nuh’s ark, and I love how it mentions the flood and the building of the ark in such a simple way, which makes it so much easier for kids to understand and comprehend. Islamic facts such as two of every animal were aboard the ark, the rain lasting 40 nights/days, and God ordering the ark being built by Nuh and the flood because of people not behaving well- each cleverly placed throughout the text to teach children about this story without preaching outright to them.⠀

The book does teach the moral that it is best to live life “in God’s way” and I love that children will think about this story and how they can apply its lessons to their own lives.⠀

The animals are beautifully illustrated and we love their quotes and exclamations. They are super funny and make the kids giggle. And the rhymes as usual flow and keep the story entertaining and perfect for a bedtime read.⠀


price: 17 usd

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