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The Ark of Nuh

This came in the@bismillahboxkids themed: Trust in Allah and Build Your Ark!⠀

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-3⠀

Price: 10 USD



Islamic screening: no concerns⠀

This little board book from @goodwordbooks is so adorable and really impressed me!⠀

It has gorgeous vibrant images and a simplified version of the story of Prophet Nuh (AS) written at the bottom of the pictures. ⠀

My toddler loved sitting in my lap and listening to the story, looking and pointing at all the beautiful pictures. Even my older ones listened, although they pretended they were too old for board books😅⠀

The story was appropriate for toddlers/pre-schoolers and talks about obeying Allah and Allah’s love.⠀

My toddlers favorite part was the pages with the animals on them! There were over 20 animal pairs and we loved pointing them all out together! Thats really what my two year old likes to do on her own anyways, and it helped expand her animal vocabulary.⠀

The board book is wonderful quality and the pages are thick and sturdy for little ones!⠀

⭐️⭐️I love how this month’s box and activities helped my kids learn so much about Prophet Nuh (AS)❤️⠀

Sign up for for more new and fun board books each month in the 4 and under box!!!

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