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The Beauty of Your Face

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️SO SO SO GOOD!!!!

Genre: YA/Adult

Ages: 16 and up

Available: Amazon

price: 18 usd


Islamic screening: mentions of intimacy/kissing, dating, alcohol, smoking, violence, and mild use of cuss words. There was some Islamically incorrect information, but as a whole, Islam was mentioned a lot and in a wholesome way!

I know, the Islamic screening might have you raising your eyebrows, but honestly, this book was earth-shatteringly good and so impactful!!! I couldn’t put it down and when I finished it, I had to just sit and let it sink in.

I do personally think ages 16 and up can handle the content, as nothing is super detailed, and I actually feel the book has so much positive impact and is so real and raw that it will connect with young Muslim women growing up in the west!


Afaf is a principal of an all girls Islamic school in Chicago (where her daughter also studies), and is praying when suddenly she hears gunfire, screaming, and bodies thudding to the ground. She comes face to face with the shooter and we are taken back into her memories of her childhood.

Afaf grew up with non-religious Palestinian immigrant parents, and when her 17 year old sister Nada disappears, her home life shatters. Her mom has a nervous breakdown and her father starts drinking. Afaf tries to escape her unbearable home life by seeking attention from “white boys”. When her father gets into an accident, he turns to the Masjid and takes Afaf along with him. Afaf finds a welcome home in the arms of the Muslim sisters and a deep peace in the spirituality of Islam.

The story shows her getting married, doing hajj, and being a mother....

And then they flit back to her interaction with the shooter and the thoughts running through his head.

The book powerfully shows how white supremacy and racist thoughts led him to take radical steps to violence towards innocent people.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but this book is absolutely spectacular, and the ending causes the reader to reflect on this world we live in.

I loved finally reading a book where the heroine finds peace within Islam❤️❤️

Definitely one of my favorites!

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