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The Best Islamic Chapter Books for Muslim Kids of ALL ages

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I have many times been asked about the best chapter books for young Muslim children. There seem to be an abundance of picture books for young Muslim children, but chapter books are harder to find. Especially for those children that are picky about what they read. Once children are older, they might not want to read any books that are preachy or too "childish" and thus, this list provides books that I have rated anywhere from around an 8/10 to a 10/10, are well-written, well contain Muslim characters that Muslim kids can relate to. For detailed full reviews of each, check out my instagram page (There, you will find Islamic-related screenings and comments for each book detailing any Islamic concerns)

Chapter Books:

Ages 6-9:

1. Yasmin Series

2. Sadiq Series

3. Digging Deep 4. Littering Stinks

5. Seven is Special

6. Museum Mysteries-(Hijabi Character)

7. A Race to Prayer

8. The Stairs Series


1. Noor Kids Books

Ages 8-12:

1. The Muslims/Planet Omar Series 2. Blackout 3. Zayd Saleem Series

4. Amal Unbound

5. A Long Pitch Home

6. The Summer When Everything Changed

7. Amina's Voice

Ages 12-15:

1. Ayesha Dean Series

2. The Gauntlet

3. More to the Story

4. The King, The Queen, and the Hoopoe Bird

5. The Weight of our Sky

Teenagers/Young Adults:

1. Love from A to Z

2. Saints and Misfits 3. Ayesha at Last 4. We Hunt the Flame

5. Proud

6. The Broken Kingdom

7. The Candle and the Flame


1. Yes, I'm Hot in This

Save this post for the future, because I will be adding on more and more the more books I read and review, insha Allah!

Feel free to comment YOUR favorite books in the comments!

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