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The best Islamic Picture books for kids

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I have received this request many times about the best Islamic picture books for each age group, and I finally got around to writing it. I hope my readers find it useful, especially now, with the need to keep kids busy at home!

To be honest: There are SOOOO many good books for this age, and I wish I could include them all. But, I know that would be overwhelming, and so I really limited them to be what we personally think are the best.

Keep in mind that these are based on my personal opinion, and that can be subjective. These are all rated a 10/10 by me and my kids absolutely love them!

I have also split them up per age group to help with deciding which books to buy for your children.

For detailed full reviews of each, and for more book options, check out my instagram page.

Best Islamic Books:

Ages 0-3: These are all BOARD books

1. I am a Muslim- Salam Series

2. My First Wudu Book

3. My Touch and Feel (alif-baa-taa)

4. The Way to Jannah

5. The Abc of Allah Loves me

6. Noor Kids Baby Bundle

7. At the Masjid set

8. My First Book about... (series)

9. I Say Collection

10. Little Muslim says Salaam

Ages 3-5:

1. Zaydo Potato- A Muslim Superhero

2. My Special Angels: The Two Noble Scribes

3. My Dad's Beard

4. The Lunar Learners 3-Book Prophet Series

5. Bedtime Sunnahs

6. Islamic Months

7. Bilal Cooks Daal

8. Mustafa and Arwa Series

9. Muslim Busy Book bundle

10. How to Scare a Monster

11. Yasmine's Belly Button

12. Mommy Sayang

13. Mommy's Khimar

14. Prophet Sulaiman and the Queen Ant

15. Under my Hijab

Ages 5-9:

1. Migo and Ali-Love of the Prophets

2. Zak and His Good Intentions and Zak and his Little Lies

3. Yan's Hajj

4. Snatched

5. The Proudest Blue

6. Hassan and Aneesa series

7. The Arabic Quilt

8. My Grandma and Me

9. The Great Hair Exchange

10. Big Red Lollipop

11. The Prophet's Pond

12. The Story of the Elephant

13. Nusaiba and the Fifth Grade Bullies

Save this post for the future, because I will be adding on more and more the more books I read and review, insha Allah!

Check out my Instagram and Facebook for more Islamic Book and Product Recommendations and Reviews.

Check out my first post for the best CHAPTER books for Muslim Kids!

Stay tuned- I will also be posting my favorite RAMADAN books(as well as the best Arabic books, activity books, and more)!

Feel free to comment YOUR favorite books in the comments!

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