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The Blue Scarf

This book is soooo cuteee and the symbolism of color was adorable and well loved by me and my kids!

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6

Author: Mohamed Danawi

Illustrator: Ruaida Mannaa

Published by: Running Press Kids

A little girl is gifted a blue scarf in her blue world by what appears to be her mother in a blue hijab.

But the blue scarf flies away.

And the girl goes on an adventure to find her scarf.

She gets on her boat, and journeys to other lands. The lands of yellow (appears to be Saudia Arabi), the lands of red (Japan), the lands of green (Switzerland), and more…

But she doesn’t find her blue scarf until she gets to the rainbow land. A land of a multitudes of culture, of mixed colors, and the people there help her find that her blue scarf was with her all along- guiding her boat.

Ohhhhh my heart!! I just LOVED the symbolism in this book!!! The blue scarf to me symbolized the girls heritage (which seems to be Lebanese based on the author and illustrator) and I loved how on her journey as a refugee, it turns out that her heritage stayed with her all along, and was not lost when she left after all.

I also loved the cleverness of showing different cultures, and my heart smiled when I saw the land of all the colors, a place where cultures mix, and it made me smile because one of the biggest blessings of living in America for me is being surrounded by friends of so many heritages and backgrounds and colors🥰

A beautifully illustrated and sweet story!


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