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The Box of Manners

This was in the @bismillahboxkids SuperMuslim box!⠀

This@learningroots game is absolutely wonderful, and though I knew it was going to be good, it was even better than I thought!⠀

First, it includes both Arabic/English learning and encourages kid’s literacy. The simple words and matching help kids to sound out letters to make sure they have a match.⠀

The beautiful pictures are perfect for visual learners who are too young to read or rely more on their visual skills for matching.⠀

Both styles of learning help children learn about Islamic manners in a positive fun way and encourage kids to practice these manners in their lives.⠀

The manners box also contains a Hadith about the importance of learning manners which I thought was wonderful: “There is nothing heavier on the scales than good character.” (Abu Dawood and Ahmad)⠀

We thought this hadith goes perfectly with the theme of SuperMuslim: Spreading Peace and Good Deeds and we hope that this game helps inspire little ones and gives them ideas on what good deeds they can do to become SuperMuslims!⠀

Bonus: this encourages Fun family time! My kids loved playing these matching cards❤️⠀

This can be found sold individually at @crescentmoonbookstore or @sirajstore

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