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The Butterfly Refugee

Genre: Advanced Picture Book⠀

Age: 7+⠀

Price: $15.95⠀


Islamic notes: Allah’s names used, although some are spelled very uniquely.⠀

I’m just not sure about this book. I was slightly confused while reading it and to be honest, I didn’t read it to my kids.⠀

One of the main reasons is that the book is extremely sad and scary. It is about a young girl who loses her parents and becomes a refugee. While I do want my kids to empathize with sad situations, I am just not sure this book is the way to do it. The pictures were extremely sad (showing death, devil images, bombs, and cages) and I felt the pictures were too much for young ones. ⠀

Also, the words in my opinion were not suitable for kids. It reads more like a poem than a picture book, and the words seemed advanced for little ones. I don’t know if children would understand the story.⠀

The story was about how she struggled in being a refugee but then blossomed later on...though I was confused at the end and how she turned into a butterfly. ⠀

While I definitely love the Intention behind the book and I am a huge fan of@minaretmountain.booksand their illustrations and brilliant prose, I just didnt understand this one.⠀

However, my opinion is my own and I completely understand that others may disagree.

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