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The Candle and the Flame

Age recommendation: I would suggest high school

Islamic screening: -false attribute of Prayer, it is written that there are 4 rakahs of fajr instead of 2? this could be referring to sunnah.. -There’s also a lot of imagination of the ghayb, like Djinn and their world. There is romance but no relations, (romantic actions only after marriage). There is a mention of oud/tunes. 🌟There are actually a lot of Islamic concepts and wonderful quotes with deep wisdom about the world!

Fatima is a human that is given the fire of an Ifrit to save her from death after her parents are killed. When she grows up, she is also gifted the ability to name the “djinn”. This naming power helps gives Djinn the power to turn into human-form. This makes her very important and she marries the Emir of the Djinn. She also uncovers a plot for chaos and deals with it on her own (awesome female leadership skills). Her and her Ifrit husband struggle with their feelings with each other until the end when they finally admit their love. There are also many other character arcs and other strong women characters figuring out their own identities and strengths/relationships as well.

As a whole, it was wonderful to see a book where prayer was mentioned over and over and it was central in the life of the characters, because that is how it is in many Muslims lives!

I liked how the book had fantasy in it, but it also had many real situations with lessons that the reader can learn from. There was a strong emphasis on family love and family bonds, especially on adoptive family love which was wonderful to see in books with Muslims! 🌟I love how it shows coexisting with people of other faiths, and how all good “species” can come together and protect each other faithfully against evil.

The book defines good and evil as order and chaos, and I loved this new definition for teaching about right and wrong. 😋There was also a lot of desi food and it was really nice to almost taste the sweets and foods in the book!

So thankful for strong muslimah writers like@nafizaaz for writing fantasy books with proud adventurous Muslim women!


price: 15 usd

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