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The Clear Quran for Kids

Genre: Quran Book for kids/with translations and Tafseer⠀

Ages: 6 and up⠀

Available: @happystreet_store@sirajstore@muslim.memories


price: 40 usd

Islamic notes: impressed with the amount of work put into this and I liked that scholars approved/worked on it. ⠀

I noticed a “philosophical” area where kids are asked: “can God create something too heavy for Him to hold” and I did not like introducing such ideas to children. The idea was to say the question is illogical but I personally such questions are weird to even put in a book for kids.⠀

I also did notice a few illustrations of the “shaytan”⠀

Also: disclaimer, it is over 300 pages and I have not examined each line but I am slowly going through it with my kids!⠀

I did love how this Quran book for kids was put together! Each Surah contains a cute picture (not images of the verses but just illustrations related to the stories), Learning points, Side stories, Words of Wisdom, and the Arabic/ English words of the Surah. ⠀

Surahs start with the Fatiha and then all the Surahs from Alhujurat to the end- Al-Nas (a little over 4 complete Juz)⠀

I love how the Quran translations were simplified and easy to read and they were easily understood by both my 6 and 9 year old. It was nice how the bigger Surahs were split and each section of ayahs had tafseer of the ayahs. It genuinely helps kids slowly understand what they are learning and memorizing.⠀

The Side stories were funny, although not all made sense. Some seemed not to have any relevance to the tafseer. I wish more of them were religious-based and I felt like there was room for more Islamic knowledge in the book.⠀

The end of the book contains quizzes and activities for the kids to solidify what they learned.⠀

I definitely love this resource for young children memorizing and learning the Quran. This helps children learn what they are memorizing and reading and it helps them relate the Quran more. ⠀

I do hope that future additions add more seerah, Islamic history, and prophetic stories to the tafseer. I feel like kids can definitely handle more Islamic knowledge and don’t need fables or fiction stories to learn Islamic concepts.⠀

Overall a good resource for kids!

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