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The Clever Companions

⭐️⭐️Definitely a must have book that helps children learn about sahabiyat and teaches them that they are our role models who had relatable lives!

Genre: Advanced Nonfiction Picture Book⁠

Ages: 6-9⁠

Available: @wonderful_women_atp

This gorgeous new nonfiction resource instantly impressed me the moment I picked it up! The beautiful hardcover and the gorgeous glossy pages reminded me of Learning Roots quality, and the topic is so interesting! There are literally no other picture books I know of that cover the topic of the women sahabiyat of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).⁠

The three women that are covered in this book are Khansaa, Aaisha, and Rumaysa (may Allah be pleased with them). The introduction starts with a table of contents which makes it easier to read these stories one at a time, especially since there is a lot of content about each one.⁠

I love that the introduction talked about how women had different difficult lives before Islam, and how Islam improved the conditions of girls and women and gave them rights!⁠

The woman’s names are given, their talents/families are mentioned and special facts about them highlighted(on its own special starred page). I loved the emphasis that what made them so special was their devotion to Allah and their love of Islam.

Khansaa is described as a talented poet and her sacrifice and patience as a mother is highlighted. Aaisha’s teaching qualities and good memory are mentioned, along with her love of the Prophet (pbuh) and how much he loved her (using the example of how the whole group of travelers held up to look for her necklace). Rumaysa’s love of Islam was shown in how she went through divorce because she turned Muslim, and was a single mom until she remarried on her own terms. (RAA)⁠

The stories each end with a section on how to connect their stories to our lives, which was a nice touch!

I love that the book included ahadith, duaas, and Ayahs to teach the stories. ⁠

This is such an authentic and valuable resource for teaching and the language is kid-friendly.

I do feel like there is a lot of text, and I suggest splitting the book into three sittings and discussing it with your kids for maximum benefit.

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