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The Clever Wife

A folktale that is so sweet and funny to read❤️

Genre: Advance Picture Book

Ages: 6-9

Author: @rukhsanabooks

Illustrator: @ayesha_illustrates

Publisher: Wisdom Tales

Bolotbek became ruler after a falcon landed on his shoulders. As ruler, he needed to marry, and devised a clever riddle. Whoever answered it would be his wife. No one could answer until Danyshman, a poor girl from the countryside. And so they were married, but when Danyshman does something Bolotbek doesnt like, the queen has to devise a clever plan to show him how she is invaluable.

This gorgeous folktale is chockful of lessons and sounds like something my grandmother would tell me. It is so beautifully illustrated, and I love how the illustrator has a degree in art history and so was able to draw authentic art for the story. It truly shows❤️❤️

A truly fun book by the brilliant Rukhsana Khan and one sure to create lots of giggles during bedtime reads to young children!


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