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The Dastardly Duo

Ahhh! The second book in this series by @burhanawrites and I had to fight my son to be able to read this first!!! (BONUS: a blurb for my first book review is on the back of this book!! Swipe to see🥰)

Genre: MG Chapter Book

Ages: 8-12

Available: My amazon page- link in bio!

Yusuf’s Affa has gotten married, but at a Hajj party with his friends, Yusuf initiates a food fight…and the last cupcake flies straight at the Imam of the mosque! Yusuf needs to restore his family honour, and he is on a mission to do so by winning class president, but as usual, crazy obstacles show up in his path and he has to figure out how to solve his problems and stay true to his big heart!

Yusuf Ali Khan is BACK with more hilarious, crazy antics that the reader can’t help but laugh aloud at! From the moment I read the first page, the book was action packed and hilarious and fun moment after moment propelled the plot forward all the way to the end! (I need book 3 ASAP)!

I love little Yusuf! He is such a likeable little adorable character, albeit mischevious, (his trouble makes me gasp as a parent sometimes lol). My son is obsessed with reading this series and he laughs so hard at all the fun and at time potty humor (kid-friendly and completely clean). The voice of Yusuf is very kid-like and I felt amusement while reading at how he views the adults in his life.

And the ISLAM!! I was so impressed! Yusuf’s life as a Muslim is woven seamlessly into the story and his life and the way he interacts with others, with little prophetic gems like “smiling in the face of your brother is charity” and taking care of your parents as a value mentioned in the Quran. Quran classes, Imams, muathens, Bismillah, the three Quls (and spit lol) recited for protection, Salaams (Yusuf says salaam to his whole school lol), Alhamdulilah, InshaAllah, not eating sausage and more!!!

The Bengali rep was wonderful, with words and foods sprinkled throughout. This book truly reads so authentic and is a must have for any little reader!

This book truly will make even the most reluctant reader enjoy reading! Check it out❤️

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