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The Flying Carpet

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Price: 15 usd⠀



Islamic Notes: use of the word magic to describe a prayer rug. The context behind the story is that the carpet flies over the siraat, goes through Paradise, and flies under Allah’s Throne, which made me uncomfortable. I’m just not sure if this imagery is okay in Islam. ⠀

Summary: Adam is praying (5 times a day) and his sister Anisah is watching him and the story is her imagination. She watches him clean himself, put on his helmet (his kufi), and then stand on his prayer rug. As he prays, Anisah imagines them going on a magical journey through many different places, over their town, across a bridge with a dragon, through gardens of milk and flowers, under a beautiful jeweled throne, over rivers and seas, over mountains and deserts, until they finally make it to the Kaabah, where she feels at “home”.⠀

I enjoyed this book, and this publisher only publishes high quality work. I love the gorgeous pictures and the way the font is written. The lyrical rhythm of the story and the simple words make it perfect for reading to kids. It is easy to understand and you can definitely see that Anisah is excited to pray, and her love for her brother is undeniable. ⠀

My favorite part was when they get to Makkah, and I felt peace reading this part.⠀

⭐️⭐️In regards to my notes, the text itself does not mention these exact “Islamic places” like the siraat, Jannah, and the Throne. So when kids read it, they will just see it as an imaginary journey. However, as an adult, the context mentioned in a note in the back did make me feel uncomfortable, so I didn’t mention it to my kids.⠀

The end also contains activities and discussion questions, which helps children understand and think more about prayer and prayer rugs.

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