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The Food Bank Heist

Oh my heart, this book just tugged at my heartstrings- like all of @onjalirauf ’s work!

Genre: MG Chapter Book (90 pages)

Ages: 7-10

Author: Onjali Rauf

Illustrated by @elisapaganelli_illustration

Published by @barringtonstoke

Nelson and his mom and sister struggle with poverty and lack of food. School offers breakfast club and lunches, but at home- there isn’t much food until food bank day. At the food bank, Nelson’s family usually get four and five bags of food but this time, they only give him two. It turns out that a thief has been stealing the donations for the food bank. Can Nelson and his friends catch the food bank thief and stop him??

Oh man, the way these kids were hungry just hurt my heart. The games Nelson plays to distract from the hunger and the way he describes not having enough food is truly humbling to those who haven’t experienced hunger.

I enjoyed reading the way Nelson is so responsible and caring, and how determined he is to solve the thief problem. And as with all of Onjali Rauf’s books, the kids rise up to be heroes of the story and teach the adults, as well as learn something about themselves.

This book teaches kids and adults alike the importance of food banks and giving to those who need it.

A book full of values and morals that is a must read for kids of all background!


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