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The Giant Journey Puzzle

I gave this LearningRoots puzzle to my son on Eid. He is eight and he loves learning about the different Prophets of Allah, and this Giant Journey puzzle is perfect for that.⠀ ⠀ The puzzle has the Prophets’ names in both Arabic and English and so can be used for learning the Arabic language and letter recognition.

The puzzle is made into a giant path (journey) where the Prophets are put in order starting from Adam (as) to Muhammad (pbuh). This is a useful tool that can be used while reading to your kids the stories of the Prophets. ⠀ Each name of the Prophet is next to a picture of an object that relates to the story of that Prophet. My kids were really excited to put it together and point out what they knew about the stories (the whale, ark, kaaba, etc..)⠀ ⠀ The puzzle is quite large with large pieces and not overly complicated to put together. My kids enjoy putting it together and it keeps them busy instead of on tv or other technology. The pictures are beautiful and the quality is very good.⠀

I absolutely recommend this for kids ages 4 and up! ⠀ Get yours from Siraj - An Islamic Lifestyle Store

price: 21.99 usd


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