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The Gift of Ramadan

This might quite possibly be my favorite Ramadan book of all time!!⠀ The Gift of Ramadan published by Albert Whitman & Company is about a young girl named Sophia who is attempting her first fast.⠀

First off, the cover is absolutely gorgeous in purple (#purpleramadananyone?) with crescent moons and stars that look like Ramadan lights. There are also cute Ramadan lanterns on the front that give the book a festive feel and excite children before the book is even opened.⠀

Sophia is a cute little girl (with adorable tangles in her hair) that likes anything sparkly and glittery. She likes sparkles so much that when her grandmother says that a fasting person’s heart is sparkly, she decides to fast. ⠀

Sophia’s first day fasting does not go as planned. She isn’t able to stay awake while eating suhoor and she finds herself hungry at noon. It doesn’t help that her brother chases her around the house with a yummy cookie.⠀

Sophia doesn’t complete her fast, and is sad because she feels like she isn’t celebrating Ramadan properly. Her grandmother teaches her that there are other ways to get “sparkles” in your heart in Ramadan. Sophia decides that she will be helpful and make Iftar for everyone else with Grandma. Sophia realize that even if you can’t fast Ramadan, celebrating it is being with family and helping others out when they need it!⠀

I love this book because it has an actual story and conflict that centers around Ramadan. A lot of Ramadan books are just facts about Ramadan, but this book has a character that any young reader can relate to.⠀⠀

My almost eight-year-old son honestly also finds it hard to fast (though a lot of his peers are pulling it off mashaAllah). Even for me, a Mama that was pregnant/breastfeeding for the past few years, I have also not been able to fast the last few Ramadans. This issue is extremely relevant in our society, as sometimes Muslims unable to fast are looked at differently.

This book changes the narrative and teaches us to appreciate the other good deeds that can be done in Ramadan if someone is not able to fast.

It also shows that Ramadan is all about giving and love of family!

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