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The Great Labneh Trade

A delightful surprise- this new book is adorable and heartwarming, and as satisfying as a yummy labneh sandwich!❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-7

Author: Eman Saleh

Illustrator: Eilnaz Barmayeh

Self Published

Ahmed takes a labneh sandwich to school. But when he’s teased at lunchtime for having a different sandwich, he shares it with others. Suddenly, everyone wants Labneh! So Ahmed enlists his moms help- and he starts making lots of labneh sandwiches to trade with others. His business grows and he makes Zaatar too! Until the Lunch and School Administration shut his little trade down. But Ahmed grows up inspired by this to become an entrepreneur and start businesses.

This story was delightful! I loved how Ahmed is so resourceful and smart, and seeing him start a whole business from scratch was so cool!

I also loved seeing his mom support him! And the fact that he stayed true to his culture and had pride in his food was so important to see in a book.

The illustrations are just absolutely stunning, and they truly make the book so fun to look at! The art is in a traditional Arab/Eastern style- so it complemented the story perfectly.

I love how the author mentioned this is based on a true story of her little brother- those are always the best!

This story is truly a must on a bookshelf and a story full of joy and pride!

You can get this at @crescentmoonbookstore ❤️


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