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The Green Dinosaur Umbrella

Genre: Picture book⠀

Ages: 6–9⠀

Price: 13 CAD⠀


Available: @ruqayas.bookshelf

Islamic notes. The rituals of Hajj are mentioned.⠀

In this beautiful story, Ibrahim is going on his trip to hajj and picks out a green dinosaur umbrella to take with him. It shades him from the sun, and when he gets lost, the bright green umbrella helps his dad find him. When Ibrahim finds an old man, he shares his umbrella, stating: “he needs it more than I do”⠀

The umbrella passes from hand to hand and many different people use it to shade themselves from the sun...but finally, the umbrella returns to Ibrahim at the end of the story (and at the end of Ibrahim’s Hajj).⠀

⭐️I absolutely loved all the beautiful aspects of this book. I loved how sharing is such a big part of the “umbrella’s journey”, and that so many people were so caring and generous with it. I also loved that there was so much diversity in the story, and that the end included an ayah about the diversity of Allah’s creation. ⠀

⭐️My favorite part was how the book was about Hajj! It wasn’t a boring or cliche Hajj story, but the rituals were explained in a fun way that is entertaining to listen to. Tawaf around the Kaabah and Saiee between the Safa and Marwa are mentioned as being 7 times, Mina and Muzdalifa are mentioned, and Arafat and Eid day are mentioned. ⠀

It is such a well rounded book, and I loved how it was in a story format that is interesting for kids to listen to. The end of the book contains a map showing Makkah, and is so easy for kids to look at and learn.⠀

The pictures are gorgeous, the story wonderful, and the green dinosaur umbrella so adorable! A definite must-have!!

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