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The Hair Book

A cute diverse book about different types of hair (or covered hair).

Genre: Early Picture Book

Ages: 0-3

Available: Amazon (coming in May)

Every time I see another news headline about a woman in hijab denied the right to work, or study, or live her life normally…I wonder what the solution to such ignorance could be.

I genuinely loved this early Picture book (I would call it a baby book, and hope it ends up being published as a board book). I love the vibrant art and short terms, and I can see my baby enjoying looking at this book.

The book covers all sorts of hair: long, short, mustache, monster, cornrow, covered, cap, kippah, party, poufy, beard, bun, wavy, windy, afro and all gone hair!

I liked how it is called The Hair Book, and includes a page on those who cover their hair! Hijab wasn’t the only diverse cover, but a kippah is included as well and a picture shows a man with a beard and turban. Many of the images are diverse and I loved that it was all drawn lovingly.

My favorite part was the ending: “no matter your hair, you are welcome anywhere”

I hope books like this read to youngsters remove ignorance from our world and help normalize beauty in diversity.

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