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The House of Ibn Kathir: Year Captain

Genre: Chapter Book/Middle Grade⠀

Ages: around 10-14⠀

Price: £7.99⠀


Islamic notes: clean⠀

Summary: Yusif is back for another year at Dar Al-Ilm. The story starts with him preparing for a second year, and a meet up with some friends. Yusif has been named Year Captain for his House, but he struggles with leading. In the first quest for his house, an outdoor adventure, they fall off the path and lose their way. More competitions ensue, with the boys trying to win but struggling. After some teamwork and an ingenious idea of a Sunnah Sports Triathlon, the boys are able to come up with a good plan for the school bazaar, and raise enough money for a planetarium.⠀

I like how the book contains many ahadith and Islamic lessons sprinkled throughout the book, just like the first one. There are many words of wisdom and learning points for this age.⠀

I did find the book lengthy, with over 300 pages of mid-size text, and maybe it is for the more advanced age of this age group.⠀

I found this book a little slower moving than the first one. I did like how it focuses more on Yusuf’s viewpoint this time than the other boys, but I did feel like it at times seemed unrealistic with how he was so perfect. His lack of any sort of mischievousness or flaws really made him too perfect to be a likeable protagonist to me. ⠀

However, it is an entertaining read, full of a lot of action and fun events for boys to read. I would probably recommend reading one chapter at a time until it is finished.

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