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The Jinni on the Roof

This is such a unique Ramadan tale.

The title is very intriguing, and it actually does not mean what it seems to imply. There is no actual Jinni in the story, or even a mention of what they are beyond “a mysterious creature”. Raza is the main character in the story and is super excited about Ramadan. The setting is in Pakistan, and I absolutely loved the little details, Urdu words, and cultural references that made the book truly feel authentically desi.

Raza wakes up at the sound of his Uncle’s snoring, thinking it was the Sehri siren at first (which signals that it’s time to stop eating) before Fajr Adhan. He can smell the aroma of the yummy parathas that all the adults fasting are going to eat for sehri. He wonders how he can manage to eat with them too, even though he isn’t allowed to.

Raza puts a few pillows under his bedspread, and sneaks out of his room and up to the roof. He scares the chef, Amina, and talks in a creepy voice into the chimney. He demands that she give him some parathas and a blanket. Amina

runs to Raza’s grandmother in fear, and the grandmother tells her not to worry and to just do what he asks.

The grandmother writes a note and puts it in the basket of parathas. When the basket is delivered, Raza sees the note. He opens it up and reads a clever note from his grandmother exposing that she knows it’s him and to get to bed after he eats. It is quite funny to read actually.

The book fast forwards to a year later when Raza is finally fasting his first fast and is allowed to wake up for Sehri and eat parathas.

The book was extremely funny, and my kids loved when I read it to them. It’s very unique and entertaining and the pictures are quite adorable.

My only note is that the book says that fasting starts at sunrise, which is unfortunately a common mistake that is said instead of Dawn (Fajr). I actually only started to pay attention to this wording issue this year! I do feel like it’s not a big deal, and just a common wording mix up.

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price: 11 usd

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