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The Little Green Drum

This book is so cute!

Islamic note: music/instruments⠀

This early reader chapter book is a nice simple chapter book good for children who are learning to read and want to expand their literacy skills. ⠀

Samia’s dad is the dawn “waker-upper” or drummer that wakes up the village for suhoor in Ramadan. When he gets sick, Samia takes his drum and goes around the village to wake everyone up. (He resists at first- implying that a girl can’t be a drummer) The dad mentions the wolves, the lack of light, and his concern for her, but Samia brushes him off and goes on her way.⠀

As she drums to wake everyone up, all the other kids follow her, each with their own instrument. They form a sort of musical band and wake everyone in the village up. Then Samia goes home and tells her dad about it, and tells him he is the best dad ever.⠀

This is definitely a fun book to read. The book is entertaining, and it certainly is engaging for kids and will keep a child reading to know what will happen. Suhoor was explained And it was nice to actually see that it was defined as a pre-Dawn meal instead of a pre-sunrise meal-A common mistake made in many books, even ones published by Muslims. This book has a fun feeling to it and is a good basic introduction about Ramadan to even those that don’t practice it, because it doesn’t really have a lot of facts about Ramadan beyond what suhoor is.

It is nice to see an early reader about Ramadan in a traditional book, and it is a perfect early chapter book for young readers to read.⠀

Available on Amazon prime for 12 usd

(on my Amazon page under the category: Ramadan books for Muslim kids)⠀


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