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The Maliks: Ramadan Mayhem

Truly a must have book and one my inner child was jumping for joy at reading!!!

Genre: Chapter Book

Age: 6-10 (and up)

Author and Illustrator: Zanib Mian

Publisher: Muslim Children’s Books

(But have heard it will be repackaged and distributed by mainstream at some point!!!!)

What an absolutely incredibly delightful book!

Maysa and Musa Malik are twins and troublemakers – actually just Maysa is a troublemaker. She can’t help it, but she really wants to go to a camp and to do that she has to prove that she is mature to her parents. So Maysa tries to be better, but she just has a knack for Mayhem. When the Ramadan cookies are stolen, it’s Maysa, who figures out the solution, and learns on the way that gossiping is wrong.

I really don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, so I don’t wanna go into details about plot, but this was just a masterpiece of humor and heart. Truly, a book that my inner child was so gleeful at, I am completely in utter awe in all the Islam in it. Zanib has a knack for really beautifully explaining Islamic principles in a non-preachy and humorous way. Her books help Muslim kids feel seen and also non-Muslim kids feel like they are in on the joke as well.

This book is chock-full of information on Ramadan and I just can’t wait for the series to be re-packaged so I can buy it again and buy the future books in the series!!

Get your copies of this edition at @crescentmoonbookstoreand keep a look out for future reviews on the repackaged book!


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