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The Meat Eating Vegetarian

Genre: Early Reader Chapter Book⠀

Ages: 6-9⠀



Islamic notes: the explanation about hijab and eating “halal” seemed weak. ⠀

I am just not sure about this early reader book.⠀

First off, the topic was about feeling different as a Muslim, but it was done in such an overdramatic way. Not to mention, the point of view kept changing from person to person. I just don’t feel like it was written in standard early reader format.⠀

The story was that Tasneem wears hijab and only eats vegetarian meals at her new school, but when she invites her new “friends” to her home, Lisa and Yvonne see that she eats “halal” meat and doesn’t wear hijab there.⠀

They immediately think she is a liar and making fools out of them at school. I just don’t get this- why didn’t they just ask her what was going on.⠀

In the end, the teacher talks to the girls and explains the issues, and they end up being friends again.⠀

I just don’t know- this book seems a little weak and I don’t even know if it empowers little Muslims. If anything, I felt like it would scare them. I certainly don’t know that bullying even happens this way, and if it does, I don’t think it should be resolved this easily.

However, this is my own opinion and I respect that others might see this differently.

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