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The Month that Makes the Year

What a delightful new release for Ramadan this year and one that just warmed my heart all the way❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Author and Illustrator: Inda Ahmad Zahri

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Available online from as it is an Australian release and so not on other sites.

Deenie is excited for Ramadan but nervous about her first time trying to fast…can she do it?

While abstaining from food- Deenie notices that the slowing down has helped her notice so many “roses” in life that she can find joy in, and her good deeds help fill her up until iftar.

And truly by the end, Deenie feels so changed, she knows this month can make her whole year.

I just love this book! The illustrations and the words just complement each other to really provide a heartwarming tale about Ramadan and how important it is for Muslims. I love how it didn’t focus on the lack of eating, and Deenie realized that through fasting she was able to complete so many more good deeds

I also love the inclusivity in the book, with the coach being someone who has a prosthetic leg, mamas buddies skipping their usual lunch for an art gallery visit out of respect for her fasting, and the feeling of community and belonging that is present on every page.

Truly, a heartwarming story about Ramadan and one that will become a classic for every child and home!


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