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The Most Powerful Night

This is the newest release from @ndaahassan.

She is mostly known for her top-selling popular book Ramadan around the World, which is one of my favorite Ramadan stories.❤️⠀

This book covers an important topic and is unique, because I don’t think I have seen another book exclusively about Laylatul Qadr.⠀

The book is written very sweetly and the pictures are absolutely beautiful and so sparkly and attractive, especially for young girls. ⠀ ⠀

The storyline is basically a mother teaching a moral in her daughters bedroom, which appears throughout the whole book.⠀

Laila is a young girl who is asking her mother about Ramadan and Laylatul Qadr. Her mother explains the significance of it and ends up letting her stay up at night to read Quran the last 10 nights of Ramadan. ⠀

I love how the book talks about the importance of the Quran, how it was revealed on this night, and how it has not been changed since its revelation. So important for kids to learn!⠀

The book includes many Islamic facts about Laylatul Qadr, and is very good for kids to know how important this night is, and to encourage them to worship extra during it. ⠀

I do wish there were sources for the facts at the back of the book. Some of them seemed questionable to me.

Also, a few sentences did seem like they would have been better phrased differently, such as information about “angels protecting and guiding” us. My concern is children might focus more on the angel part and not realize protection only happens with Allah’s will.⠀

I also noticed a few grammar issues.⠀

I DO STILL feel like this is a special and sweet book though, and beneficial for teaching children about Ramadan and Laylatul Qadr! It is extremely unique and very beautiful and attractive💕⠀

May Allah help us reach this blessed night🤲

Get yours from Crescent Moon.


price: 22 usd

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