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I have always tried to get my seven-year-old to get into reading, but he would usually start a book and then stop, and he clearly doesn’t consider it to be fun, (based on his grumbling) but just does it because I ask him too.

This book changed that! I handed it to him and told him that I heard this book was the Muslim version of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series, which is one of the only book series that he read and enjoyed at school.

He picked it up and began..

And finished it in ONE WEEKEND!

I was seriously in shock when he also summarized it to me, laughing and giggling about how funny the book was and how much he loved reading it. He took it everywhere with him, reminding me of myself when I was little😊

I actually read that @zanibmian is republishing this book into a series called Planet Omar and calling the book “Accidental Trouble Magnet”. I can’t wait to buy the other books that come out inshaAllah!

This book is super funny, and addresses issues such as bullies, being Muslim in the west (Omar lives in England), making friends, calling on Allah when you are lost, and even includes details on Islamic rituals and Ramadan/Eid. Omar introduces every Islamic concept so this can easily be read by any child, Muslim or not.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone with a child ages 7 and up!

Get yours from Siraj - An Islamic Lifestyle Store for 14.99 usd.


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