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The Muslims (Book 1)

This is written in the form of a comic book and contains very high quality glossy pages and comes in large comic strip format. The pictures and comics are well-drawn and easy to follow as we read, although the action does seem a little exaggerated.(purposely done for comic effect)

The story flows easily and is probably best for kids ages 6-9. It was easy to read, although I did note grammar and punctuation mistakes here and there.⠀

The comic book follows the story of young Hani (a 7 year old) who has a quiz at school, but he forgot to study for it. He “battles” the quiz monster...but loses. His parents are angry, but they tell him to do his best. So he does...but he ends up studying the wrong material and fails the second quiz!⠀

His parents become “monsters” but then he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream and he still has to take the first quiz at school.⠀

This was hilarious!!! I laughed out loud and smiled at the little boy’s imagination and it was very creative and perfect for children (although the parents did seem a little mean sometimes).⠀

The book was full of Islamic references and lessons, and his mother wears hijab.⠀

I wanted to note this is a second updated edition as well!⠀

It was enjoyable for my son to read and he said he loved it! It is a quick and fun read, and a nice clean alternative to other comic books out there.⠀

Get yours from Amazon.


price: 1.99 usd

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