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The Night Before Eid

Updated: Feb 28

What a gorgeous new book about Eid, one that is steeped in Egyptian tradition and is as sweet as the Ka’k it talks of❤️❤️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Author: Aya Khalil

Illustrator: Rashin Kheiriyeh

Publisher: Christy Ottaviano Books/ LB

-Preorder before it Releases March 7!!! (Preorders help authors!)

Zain’s Teta is here from Egypt and it’s the night before Eid! In Egypt, the family used to gather while making Ka’k, packing the eidiya envelopes, doing henna, and playing music together to prepare for the next day’s festivities! Here in America, ZaIn repares the sweet cookies with his grandma himself, and he can’t wait to share them with his class! After a little bit of mishaps with cooking, Zain gets an amazing idea and him and his grandma pack the cookies together. The class loves them and Zain loves his grandma the most!


Truly I was so in love with this book the whole time I was reading it! It is absolutely adorable and full of layers just like the layers of cookies! I love all the authentic Egyptian traditions shown in the book about Eid. It is so unique and so wonderful to read and the whole book exudes the joy of Eid!!

I loved the respect of tradition and the layer of having recipes and cooking tools passed down from your family members. It was absolutely so heartwarming to see and especially important for children in the diaspora whose parents have immigrated. Holding onto tradition is one of the ways children can hold onto their diverse identities.

The Ka’k and how it was described in the book made me really hungry, and I loved the recipe at the back and all the pictures, and the historical touches on how the pharaohs and Egyptian history are entrenched in this cookie recipe made it so much more awesome.

I love how it also hinted at Zain nervously wanting to show his Egyptian background to his class and it empowers children to be proud of their identities!

This book is surely going to be a favorite Eid book for so many kids, and a wonderful joyful introduction for kids who might not know what Eid is❤️

A true must have!!!! Get from now to support the creatives behind this book and save it for Eid❤️


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