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The Power of Duaa

⭐️⭐️⭐️One of our FAVORITES!⠀

I was so impressed with this book by kazima wajahat

Mikaeel and Malaika are back in this second book (I still need to review the first one😅)!⠀

The book is about “the power of dua” and truly delves into the topic in a clever, unique, and fun way. ⠀

It starts off with the mystery of the missing shoes at the Masjid (how hilariously relevant is this scene?). They try to fly, but they realize they lost their powers. (This references the first book)⠀

So they head to Big Boss (their dad) and ask him for help. But each time they ask him for answers, he speaks in riddles. And he is busy all day around the house and taking care of the baby(the descriptions of this were hilarious and even I found myself laughing out loud). ⠀

Mikaeel and Malaika make duaa and they use Allah’s names and ask for help. But their first duaa doesn’t work and they get impatient. But they keep getting sent back from Big Boss, and they make duaa a second, and then third final time. (Each time using different names of Allah!)⠀

The third time: they ask Allah to send them the answer when He feels they must find them, thus showing their acceptance of Allah’s will and their willingness to be patient. ⠀

Only then did Super Agent M.O.M. call them and tell them they found the shoes being used as a home for some kittens.⠀

Mikaeel and Malaika are happy and they realize that Allah answers duaas “when the time is right.”⠀

The book end with an ayah from the Quran that talks about how Allah is near and answers supplications when asked (Quran 2:186)⠀

Me and my kids truly loved this book! The hardcover was beautiful and the pages were high quality. The illustrations are beautiful and the colors are vibrant.⠀

The text is written very well and the rhymes and riddles were fun for the kids to read. We found it extremely funny, and honestly, I found myself enjoying it too while I read to them because of the cute funny parts!⠀

I did notice a few grammar issues, but nothing that affected the quality of the text.⠀

We love this book!!!❤️❤️❤️⠀

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