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The Prophet Described

Read fully for my honest feelings!

Genre: Advanced Picture Book⠀

Ages: 6-10⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore@learningroots@happystreet_store

Okay: so im going to admit something. When I first got this book, I just had such HUGE expectations, especially since I am in love with the Prophet’s Pond book by this company. Also, the hadith of Um Ma’bad describing the Prophet (pbuh) is so beautiful, and this topic is so huge, that I just wanted it to be perfectly written.⠀

The book is hardcover and beautifully made and the illustrations are gorgeous. I opened it with excitement!! ⠀

I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed at first. I felt like it was a lot of information, a lot of complex words, my kids gave me blank looks as I read it, and I felt let down. So I shelved it for a while.⠀

I recently took it out again. This time, I approached it prepared. I sat down with the kids, read paragraph by paragraph, stopped at each page, and explained the harder words. I genuinely was in tears by the end, and my children’s hearts were moved. I genuinely feel like we all were brought closer to loving the Prophet (pbuh) even more which is the goal❤️❤️⠀

The way I would recommend using this is not as a picture book, but as a nonfiction resource (as my friend @muslimkidsbooknook suggested), and when I read it thus, it was so powerful! I now feel like it is the best resource out there for kids about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).⠀

The kids learned so much!!! They learned Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) physical characteristics (they were especially into learning about the seal of prophethood and it reminded me to speak of the story of Salman the Persian and his search for the seal), they learned his mannerisms and how amazing he was to all, they learned how his special duaa is saved for us🥺❤️ and they learned how he was more beautiful than the full moon🌕⠀

I feel like the more we read this, the more we will learn. I do feel like some of the words are complex for kids, and the rhymes were unneeded, but honestly- as a resource, this one is unmatched! I will be pulling it out every once in a while.⠀

May Allah’s blessings and salawat be on our beloved Prophet❤️

price: 15 usd


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