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The Prophet's Pond

“The Prophet’s Pond” by Zaheer Khatri and published by Learning Roots is another perfect children’s story about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Ages 4 and up can easily understand it and will enjoy the fun rhythm and rhyme that the story is written in. I love how it is the son that is telling his mother about the pond that he wanted to go to and the person that he wanted to meet; the kids loved that! I also like that the story was made in the form of a fun riddle; it kept the kids engaged and waiting to see what the answer was at the end.

By the end of this story, I was yearning to meet the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at his pond, (alkawthar), and my kids had learned a lot about it. It reinforced to them that if they love the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and follow his sunnah, that insha Allah they will be blessed with visiting this “pond” in Jannah. Such a perfect book for increasing our children’s love for the beloved Prophet (pbuh).

The hadith that this story is based on:

From `Abdillaah ibn `Amr(ra), who said, “The Prophet(pbuh)said:

‘My lake is a wide as a month’s journey, its water is whiter than milk and its smell is better than musk, and its drinking vessels are like the stars in the sky; whoever drinks from it will never ever become thirsty.’”

Bukhari 6579

This is a must have book and can be found on Amazon for 20 usd.


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