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The Ramadan Shield

A sweet Ramadan rhyming book based on the hadith to say “I am fasting” instead of losing your temper.

Genre: Picture book

Ages: 4-8

Author: Fadelah Mahmood

Illustrator: Ayun Sekar

Self published

This sweet rhyming story covers the oral tradition of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, which says that if the fasting person feels angry, that they should say, I am fasting three times to remind them selves not to lose their temper.

Using rhyme to show the story of a young boy, Nuh, who is fasting and keeps getting upset, the story is fun and engaging, albeit a little long.

I really like The uniqueness of the story and showing a different aspects of Ramadan, and how doing good and controlling emotions is one of the aspects of fasting – and how it can be especially hard for those of us who get hangry.

The rhyme flows sweetly, and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and I do feel like that children will enjoy the story. I do think that for a read aloud, though it might be a little bit long.

Check this sweet Ramadan tale out at @crescentmoonbookstore

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