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The Rhyming Eid book

We got this in our @bismillahboxkids Eid box !!!!🎉🎉⠀

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-4⠀

Available: @themadrasa@bismillahboxkids (cratejoy shop has Eid boxes for sale!!)⠀

This beautiful Eid board book is the cutest little story for little muslims! It has beautiful glossy pages, cute illustrations, and simple rhymes easy for little ones to understand! ⠀

I loved the pictures of Eid decor in the pages of the book! They brought joy to my little kids while reading it to them.⠀

The smiling characters really brought the Eid spirit to the book, and the cute rhymes were all about Eid and Eid fun (like getting Eidi😅)⠀

I love how prayer and salam to all was mentioned. I like how toddler and baby friendly the islamic message was.

Even the small size is perfect for little hands to hold and the quality is perfect to withstand the baby/toddler tasting of books (are my kids the only ones who literally eat books lol?)⠀

I loved the soothing pastel colors of the book myself and its perfect for both Eids, with no mention of hajj or Ramadan!⠀

Go too to sign up for your own box!

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