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The Simple Seerah

“The Prophet simply smiled in response, his silence exuding dignity. While most would have rushed to speak harsh words about their opponents, the Prophet was not that way inclined…”⁠

Genre: MG Chapter Book⁠

Ages: ages 10/11 and up⁠

Available: @thesimpleseerah

Honestly in tears!!! This book had me crying the whole time and my heart was moved over and over to emotionally connect with the seerah! ⁠

As you can see from the quote above, this book is written in third person omniscient view- which basically means a narrator speaking as if he is witnessing firsthand the events of the Seerah, including details of the characters thoughts and feelings. If this makes you uncomfortable, then the book isn’t for you. However, for me, I genuinely loved the way it was written, and it moved me so much and I believe it has great value in moving young hearts and minds into loving the Prophet (pbuh).⁠

The book covers the events from the year of the Elephant, the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and all the way up to the hijrah of the Prophet (pbuh) to Madinah. It is very detailed and includes lots of information on Sahaba, as well as members of the Hashim family and Quraysh tribe. Lots of ayahs are mentioned and how they relate to the seerah and authentic Islamic events and information are relayed.⁠

I enjoyed how many events were sourced and footnoted! And while there are some weak narrations, I did feel the book is very authentic.⁠

There are pictures located throughout that make it an appropriate book for young readers and will help keep them engaged. The font, book cover, pages, and lessons at some chapter endings all make this a great resource.⁠

I did note some grammar issues, and the book could have used some more editing- but these issues did not take away from how amazing the book was written. ⁠

It genuinely is my current favorite Seerah book and I can’t recommend it enough. I not only read this book, I feel like I LIVED it! I experienced so many emotions and I had to stop often and think about seerah events in a new way than I had done before.⁠

Def a huge recommendation to get this book!!!!!⁠

Peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

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