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The Stairs Series

Age recommendation: 6-9⠀

Islamic concerns: none⠀

This four mini-chapter book series is a perfect early reader for little readers and full of Islamic concepts and knowledge, while also being relatable and engaging for kids.⠀

The books are not long, with only a few chapters and not too many pages, but the stories are impactful and full of funny little details that will draw kids in.⠀

The books revolve around Nur (a 9 year old) and her brother, Yusuf, and their two best friends. They struggle with relatable issues like dealing with their siblings, struggles with inventions and failures, and annoying physical illnesses.⠀

The nice part of these books is that hadith and Islamic notes are placed throughout the book naturally and teach kids to learn Islamic habits, but not in a super preachy way. My son actually pointed out the “stairs” ideas in the beginning of the book and told me about them.⠀

The book has activities in it at the end for kids to solve on their own, and further teach them the lessons. These are an added bonus for the kids!⠀

An interesting note is that the author seems to be a teen herself when she wrote these books, based on her own Islamic classes at her community center, which is really awesome and inspiring for kids to see! ⠀

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