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The Stardust Thief

A retelling of Arabian Nights by an Arab author, one full of action and intrigue! #arc#netgalley

Genre: Adult Fantasy

Ages: 16 plus

Available for preorder on Amazon- release date is in May!

Screening: mention of gods being the creators of jinn and man, mentions of alcohol/drinking, mentions of dancing and music, seduction by a female jinn, jinn/fantasy/magic, battle/killing, (nothing is really gory or crude).

Loulie AlNazari is the midnight merchant, a collector and seller of Jinn relics (similair the lamp of the genie in Aladdin, relics contain remnants of Jinn and have powers). When the Sultan of the city commands her to get him a relic from a Jinn city no one has ever gone to before, she is joined by his son, her bodyguard, and a Jinn assasin. Together, this crew of four have to battle nature and foes to make it. But what they discover along the way could change them all forever.

The Arab rep in this book was authentic, and this is a book where an own voice Arab author is key. The Arabic language was correct and spoken well (I have read a book before based as an Arab fantasy but with the Arabic language all wrong in it and it drives me nuts). The Arabic food, Arabic clothing, and even the names all really flowed together to make it a well-written retelling of Arabian Night!

A note: nothing Islamic or Muslim in the book (besides saying Salaam as a greeting), but it is not meant to be a Muslim-based book.

I enjoyed reading this book; it def is a read to be savored over time, such as a true storytelling in Arabia (hakawatys in Syria for example). And even when I would come back to it after a while (like Sharazad’s tales each night), I would easily be able to follow along and get sucked back into the story and understand it. It was one interesting event after the other and the plot moved quickly forward and the story got better as it went along. I loved the little stories in the book and the little references to Arabian nights.

Ended on a cliffhanger, so I can’t wait for the next book!

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